Multiple Webmistress'


I don’t know if I’m wording this right but I’ve seen it done here:

When updates are made on this site sometimes it’s Amber that posts them and other times it’s Laura. I have a friend who I would like to help me with my site but I don’t want her to have to use my username and I don’t feel comfortable giving out my password. Is there any way I could create a new username in my profile for her so that she could log in and update the site if needed?


I can’t tell what is doing (as it is down returning only a 500 internal server error) at the moment, so I can’t comment on what they are doing or how they appear to be doing it.

If the site is a WordPress, or Joomla!, or other CMS driven site, it is trivial - just create a new user for the CMS system and give that user “author” or “publisher” or “administrator” privileges, and you are there! :wink:

On the other hand, if you are publishing a static HTML site, you will have to jump through some hoops to accomplish multiple authors under the DreamHost linux filesystem due to file ownership and permission issues.

How do you plan to build your site?



One thing that a couple of folks have done is create a new userid specifically for this one site and have that shared amongst the editors/webmistresses.

OT: Can I have multiple webmistresses?

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Yep! That is one of the “hoops” I was talking about, as is the “redirecting a sub-dir” method of pulling other users’ files into a given website.

Ha ha ha! Yeah, I almost bit on that one myself …but refrained. In my general experience, having multiple mistresses of any type usually entails jumping through considerable hoops! :wink:



That sounds a bit ambitious for the likes of me. Do you have any video so I can see how that’s done?

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Don’t bother - I found one.

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[quote]Do you have any video so I can see how that’s done?

Don’t bother - I found one.[/quote]
Oh no…

You don’t know how much it pains me to see such things find their way onto these forums. It is a slippery slope down which we are sliding here, I’m afraid!



Ok, I was browsing through the overview in my panel and I clicked ‘Account Privileges’ and it said:

[i]You might want to let one of your Users have access to your domains, but not let them have access to your billing information. No problem!
You can use this section of the panel to grant certain types of access privileges to anyone!

Important: Please learn how to use this area in our wiki before you go messing around![/i]

That sounds like like what I want to do. Is this the trivial stuff you were talking about? Please tell me it is, I suck at jumping through hoops. lol.

Oh and is back up. You can see that there are different webmistresses on pages 1+2.


Account Privileges won’t control who posts to your site. It’s about administration of services.

SG is run on CuteNews which you can install here, but it really just looks like blog software. I’d suggest you give the WordPress one-click install a try. That’ll let multiple people post to your site as themselves.



Where can I download wordpress? And I’m not sure if you know but what exactly does cutenews do? I’ve seen it on alot of sites that are similar to what I want my site to look like/contain. Is it something necessary?


You don’t need to download WordPress. DreamHost can install it here for you:
Or even easier (if you’re not picky about limited theme selection), pick the Easy Install option in the One-Click section of the Panel.

CuteNews really is just a blog. It lets you post articles (with optional pictures) and tag them with categories. Then users can comment on them.

Since you’re just getting into this, I suggest you try the One-Click easy install of WordPress and start experimenting with it.



Scott is entirely correct - your friend’s site is using cutenews, and facilitates multiple authors that way.

He is also correct that you can do the same with WordPress (and I think WordPress has more functionality and flexibility that cutenews), and WordPress is “free” (as in free beer and as in freedom!) :slight_smile:
You can learn more about cuteness on their website ( It is an article/news manager script.

You don’t have to even download WordPress at all - it, and many extra themes (templates) can be installed for you automagically by the great DreamHost one-click installer from within the web panel (just look under “Goodies -> one click”)>

If you decide to try it out, you will have a website in a matter of minutes!.

One word of advice, think carefully about which version of the one-click install you want,as there are differences (and the “advanced” is just about as easy to install as the “easy”, but is much more flexible).



I don’t think you want to tackle this … while you might kludge something together this way using unix groups and modifying file permissions, it is NOT trivial if you are new to unix/linux.

That panel section is actually about sharing account privs (letting another have control of websites/domains/databases) on your account, not sharing access to a given website for publishing purposes. :wink:



^I know, and I wouldn’t even bother if it wasn’t 100% necessary since I’m so new to this but… it really is. And once I get it set up things will be much easier for me since I’ll have someone helping me with my site who actually knows what they’re doing. So, I’m willing to go through a little bit of pain right now.

I clicked the advanced mode button and selected wordpress but I don’t know what I’m supposed to put in the ‘Install to’, ‘New Database’, ‘Create a New Hostname’ slots:

What exactly are they for? I think if I knew what they did I’d have a better idea as to what I’m suppose to put in them. Can someone give me like an example of what could be put in them. I definantly don’t want to put in the wrong thing.

And where it say’s ‘New Username’, ‘New Password’, and ‘New Password Again’ is that where I put in my co-webmistresses info? I just want to make sure.


I think you may have misunderstood what I was saying … I wasn’t saying you should not try to have “multiple webmistresses”, only that the process you were investigating in that post is not the best way to attempt that - particularly in light of your current understanding of what is involved. The process you were investigating is just the wrong way to go about accomplishing that.

Installing a CMS system (like Joomla! or WordPress) is the best way for you to do this! :wink:

[quote]I clicked the advanced mode button and selected wordpress but I don’t know what I’m supposed to put in the ‘Install to’, ‘New Database’, ‘Create a New Hostname’ slots: … What exactly are they for?[/quote]
This is where you tell the one-click installer what it needs to know so that it can install the application into your account in the way you want it.

Well, I’ll give it a shot:

  1. “Install to:” - This is where you want the application (in this case your WordPress site) to “live” in your account, which determines what url will be used to reach it on the web. If you want your WordPress “site” to automagically load when someone goes to your domain ( then you can just leave the setting as suggested. If you wanted it to be found when someone browse to, you would add “blog” in the second box, etc.

  2. “Create a database to use” - just pick a name (anything will do) for the database that will be created to use with your WordPress installation (something like “crashintomedata” is fine)

  3. “Create a new hostname” - is just a place for you to set the name that will be established for the “host” connection to your database - the default of “” is fine, but you can replace the "mysql with something else if you want (I recommend just using the suggested default)

No, that is where you define the “user” that will be able to connect to the database you are creating, and set what password to use. This should, for now, be you (though you can latter add a co-webmistress if you want as an additional user). Note that this has nothing to do with the other webmistress being able to add content to your site, only with being able to directly manipulate the database. I recommend not setting an additional user here, beside yourself, until/unless you and/or your co-webmistress determine there is a need for her to access the database directly, and she knows what she is doing. :wink:

After the WordPress system is installed, you can then add your co-webmistress to that system as an additional author (using the WordPress administration tools when you are logged into WordPress as the administrator).



Outstanding how-to as usual rl.

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