Multiple Users


I’m teaching a course in HTML/CSS and I want my students to be able to use my DreamHost account. What I really want is for each student to have his/her own directory on my account that only he/she can upload to and edit, but that all the world can read via a Web browser, of course.

Can I do that and how do I go about doing it?


Create additional users by the “add ftp user”

You can do up to 75 on the lowest account.

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That’s what I’ve been trying to do…but I’m still not getting it somehow.

I’ve set up a new user (one of 75). And I can get that user connected FTP-wise. Now, what is the URL for that users files when he uploads them?


You will need to add a domain, or sub-domain, for each of those users. If you want to do it without any additional costs for domain registration, you can put these subdomains under your own domain (such as student1.yourdomain.tld, student2.yourdomain.tld, etc) or you can build them under the “” subdomain (which DreamHost lets you use at no addtional charge for this purpose).

You can set all of this up from the control panel, domains, add a domain/subdomain screen. Just specify that a given domain is to be run under the user you desire.

So, if you have a “new user” named “user2”, you can add the subdomain “something.yourdomain.tld” or “” to your account, and assign that domain to be controlled by/run as user “user2”.

Note that, by default, you will not be given the passwords for these accounts, so I recommend before you presetn credentials to a student, you change the password for that user, record it so you know what it is, then give them their credential with the password you assigned. THis makes it easier fro you to login to and manipulate (if need be) files in “their” user area.

That is optional; you can always change the password at any time to allow yourself iun , and lock them out, should you need to - I just think in the situation your describe, it is easier if you manage the credentials (at least initially).



In addition to what rlparker says about adding a subdomain for each user, another option is to use the Remap Sub-dir function in the web panel.

Let’s say your domain is and you have a student named Don Juan.

In the web panel, add a user ‘donjuan’ and he gets a home directory, write down /home/donjuan

Login to FTP as ‘donjuan’ and create a subdirectory ‘web’, write down /home/donjuan/web

Back in the web panel, go to Domains -> Remap Sub-dir

Under “Remap a New Sub-Directory:” select and then in the text box next to it, type in donjuan or perhaps class/donjuan if you want.

The next screen will say:
URL to remap:

New path on [server]: /home/user / some/subdirectory

Select /home/donjuan and then type in web. So altogether it should read /home/donjuan/web

And after submitting this, Don Juan logs into FTP, uploads his HTML / CSS files to the “web” directory. Then he can browse to - no need for subdomains.

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Thank you very much. That was very helpful.