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So far I’m really impressed with all of the various services offered by Dream Host, that being said I am having a ton of trouble with something that is pretty integral to my company’s needs. We have many domain names registered through Dream Host and fully intend to set up more in the immediate future, I manage all of these domains and find their management to be pretty easy through Dream Host’s control panel.

The problem is that one of the domains hosted is meant to be used as an ftp site for many users to send and receive information back and forth to one another. Currently I cannot find any feasible way to do this, any data uploaded by one user seems to be unviewable be another. Furthermore I want these users to have access only to one of my domains.

It is important that they be able to send files back and forth to each other and also that I am capable of controlling what users have access to what folders. I would really prefer not to have to go elsewhere to resolve this problem as so far I have had no other troubles with Dream Host, however this is a big problem and I can see no way of resolving it. As an aside I have searched through the forums and it seems that I am not the only one who has had this problem but could find no resolution.

Any help would be appreciated,

Imara D. Crooms
NobleWorks, Inc.


My knowledge about this sort of thing is somewhat limited, but as I understand it files on a UNIX system are owned by only a single user. You cannot share files between FTP users, so you have to give everyone the same username/password combination.

It may be possible to achieve some of the functionality you need by setting up Anonymous FTP.

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I heavn’t actually done this my self, but I believe you can accomplish what you want through groups. You’ll have to do a little research on your own to figure out specific details, but here’s the basics:
create a new group through the Panel > Users > Manage Users. Add the FTP users that should be able to access the directory(ies) and add them to that group.
Now log in via ssh and change the group on the appropaite directories. If you folder is called beer and the group is called share then the command would look like this:
chgrp share beer
(you’ll have to be in the containing direcotry when issue that command)

Next you’ll have to create symbolic links for each FTP user and the share folder. That’s the ‘ln’ command, but again I’m not sure on the specifics of it’s use.

If things have gone as planed, then now when joe logs into FTP he’ll see the share folder becuase you created a symbolic link to it, and he’ll be able to read and write to it.

I’m pretty sure this type of a solution was posted on the forum before, perhaps 3 mounths ago or so. Perhaps you can find that article using some of the key words I’ve mentioned. Let me know if you need cliarificaiton on anything, I may be able to point you in the right direction.



While I know that it is not exactly an answer to your question, and offerred only under the premise that there is often more than one way to accomplish a given goal, you might check out any of the several available open-source file management/groupware packages.

I think, and several similar packages that give you a web-based interface to a common file-store (some with even more "collaborative features like calendaring, etc.), might work very well for the functionality you describe.