Multiple subdomain question

Is there a way to make all the subdomains of like and,, * redirect to

And a way to know which username is in PHP??


You have to set up all the subdomains in the panel, but you can make them all redirect, yes.

Sorry, don’t know what you mean by your second question though.

yes, you can set up redirect in DH panel or by modifying htaccess file in your web folder. you may want to refer some articles in wiki for the setup of htaccess file

I don’t think you can retrieve the username which has the access to the domain in PHP.

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[quote]Is there a way to make all the subdomains of like and,, * redirect to[/quote]
If I understand you correctly, you wish for all possible sub-domains for to be redirected to and subsequently retrieve the actual sub-domain using PHP?

The first part of your question is known as ‘wildcard DNS’ and is generally not supported by DreamHost except in special cases. It can not be configured via the panel, but must be manually configured by DreamHost support, who may deny the request unless you can show a really good reason why you need it.


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I asked support to set up wild card subdomain (not in DNS, since I do use/manage external DNS) but for the virtual host setup.

With it, any subdomain is now coming into the main domain (in my case).

I guess you can ask DH to do it for one of your subdomain.

...* I’d be happier if DH had free shared SSL and redundant server setup. ..*.