Multiple Sites/users

I’ve searched the forums here, and I’m still not clear on what I need to do, so here’s my question:

I’ve got a few domains and subdomains hosted in my account. A friend has asked me if he could host his website with me, on DH, so I said sure. Added his domain to my account, and now the folder, let’s call it “”, appears with the rest of my sites when I FTP in.

Now, I created my friend a username, and I want to give him the ability to FTP into his site - and his alone (although I’d still like access to it with my primary username/ftp since we work on the site together).

How do I do this? When I log in as my friend, it just takes me to a blank directory with logs/ and maildir/ .


Wait… I think I may have figured this out. Tell me if this is right:

Under “Domains” -> “Web” -> -> Edit

At the “Edit HTTP” screen, if I change the " All CGI should run as user:" to my friend’s user name, it creates “” on his ftp login, and that is now the home directory for his site? So, he can upload a file (let’s call it “index.html”) to home/friend/ and when people come ot, they’ll see the index.html that he uploaded?

Let me know. Thanks.