Multiple shared hosting packages on one account

Hello DreamHost! I’ve got a suggestion for you :slight_smile: I was wondering if you could create the ability to have multiple shared hosting packages on one DreamHost account? What I mean by this is: I have one account, and when I log into my control panel I have the option of which hosting account I want to manage. Each hosting account is separate from the other.

I love DreamHost and I’ll never switch back to your competitors who all support this feature. But if you decide to support it I might buy you some “thank you” drinks :slight_smile: (And more hosting).

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

I could see how that would make your life easier if your hosting more than a dozen websites. But why not opt for a dedicated or semi dedicated host if you need more than one shared host?

This is already possible. I have 1 panel in which I have to 2 accounts, both accounts have different domains.
Almost all panel features are separate, except e.g. support
Even billing is separated.

At the bottom of the panel links you see your account, I have 2 listed there and to go from one to the other, I just click on the other account name.