Multiple roles for users?

A WP newbi setting up a private website for a small housing co-operative with 13 houses, 14 members and a couple of non-members who need access to buddypress communication.

Front page has a blog and menu links to resource material - minutes and reports, policy documents etc.

All members have author role assigned. I also have admin role :wink:

A problem becomes apparent when I log in as a member rather than as admin. As admin I have created a page called reports which has links to uploaded pdf documents. As a member I cannot edit that document to add next months reports …

With everyone as Author and everyone having different roles I am wondering what is the best way to set this up?

I want people to be able to edit pages relevant to them; eg the Secretary, Minutes Secretary and apprentice Secretary to be able to edit the Reports page but not make any changes on the Maintenance page.

Promoting everyone to Editor is one answer but is almost certainly disastrous with most of this group.

Another option is to create more users so that each function is a user; e.g. create a user called secretary and share the password with the relevant people. That makes is more complicated for users - who am I - particularly when one member may belong to several committees.

Suggestions most welcome.


User Role Editor plugin seems to be a short term fix until I get my head around the basics here.