Multiple plans question

If I were to purchase multiple plans or multiple accounts (each with a plan), would I be able to merge them into one account so like say I bought 3 of the lowest level plans (without promo codes) and wanted to merge all three. Would the account be a large 60 GB harddisk space, 3 TB bandwidth account? All under the same FTP login? Or would it stay as three separate plans pretty much, just billed all together?

The Web panel allows you to add plans to an existing account. As far as I know, the space and bandwidth allowances are global for the account, so if you had (say) 3 Level 1 plans under the one account, the total space and bandwidth available would be 60GB and 3 TB respectively.

The Web panel also allows you to merge accounts, but it is probably easier just to use the one account and add the required plans to it.

By the way; If you are a new customer, it should be OK to use a promo code for the first account/plan.


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Well reason I said no promo codes was because of:

Please also note:

  • You can only merge to an account with status approved.
  • You cannot merge to an account that is under a year old and signed up with a promo code.

When I clicked on merge account to see what it would say…

You are correct, I had not noticed this before. I think the restriction is to prevent people signing up for multiple accounts (all using promo codes) then merging those accounts.

I guess you could still use a promo code for the first plan, then simply add the required plans to the account (at full price).


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I want to merge accounts with a friend, my account to his. If I did, would my files, hosting services, database permissions, e-mail accounts and users that I have created and their files be copied to his account?

No, you will need to move them