Multiple MySQL per hostname not working?


I’m trying to add an additional database to a pre-existing MySQL hostname (pre-existing long before they announced the new feature). In the list of current dbs on each hostname, there is no “add new” button for new databases - only links to add new users and add new hostnames. And when I try to create a new database using the same hostname prefix ( it yells at me and tells me I’m already using a database with that hostname. Yeah. No kidding. I was under the impression that it wouldn’t be a problem anymore. PMA still says I have no privileges to create new DBs, so I can’t do it that way either.

So does the multiple dbs per hostname thing only apply to new hostnames created after they added this feature? Is there some other button somewhere that I’m just retarded for not seeing?

Thanks in advance.



I think you can do it from SHH, but the panel script isn’t updated yet


It looks as if you can only use recent hostnames. I have just tried and can only add new databases to the current hostnames in the dropdown menu.
The oldest hostname I can use to add additional databases on is from 30th March.

I suppose the ideal thing to do now is pre-create a hostname for each domain ready for when we need a database. :wink: