Multiple MySQL dbs per domain


Now in the control panel, I see that some of my db’s have been grouped on the same server and it says that the subdomains are interchangeable. But how can I add more db’s to the same subdomain if it’s not listed in the dropdown box at the top of the screen?


As I remember, you can’t. Databases set up on old servers won’t let you piggyback on new databases.

If you really want to be neat and tidy, create a database on a server with a universal domain name such as, and then start migrating your old databases to this new server.



I see. Thanks. Didn’t know there were “old” vs “new” servers.


They changed this recently. They used to add databases to a server as requested. When one server filled up, they set up a new one. Now they’ve made it more convenient for the users by keeping all the databases for one account on one database server, just like they do for their web servers.