Multiple mysql databases on the same host


Is it possible to have multiple MySQL databases running on the same “host”? So for example I have set up with a database on it. I would like to host another database on this same host (for cleanliness more than anything else). Ideally I would also like to be able to create a user with access to both databases (like an admin user) and a seperate user for each database…

Is this possible or do I have to set up a different “DB Hostname” for each database?



nop, you’ve got to set up differnet host names, if you want different databases.

A way around this might be to use a different prefix for each app, so they won’t write over each other’s data - that way they’ll be in the same hostname. Might this work for you?


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

That’s a shame :frowning:

I can use a different prefix for tables for each app I guess but it just seems abit messy… As does setting up different host names for each apps DB…

C’est la vie I guess, it’s easy enough to work around…

I am also incredibly disappointed with this. I just transferred from Host Rocket about a week ago, where we could host multiple db’s per host, and I’m now wondering how I’m going to manage my 10+ db’s. I hope they do something in the future about this, or I might just take advantage of the 97 day money back guarantee.

but you get un-limited databaes, so it may mean that you have to keep track of a couple extra host names… but besides that what’s the difference?

If you’re making regular backups, and don’t want to do each one-at-a-time then just set up a cron tab to backup the DB for you, then just FTP in and pull down the sql files wth the rest of your site files.


Dreamhost (and a lot of other shared hosting providers) don’t allow access to the mysql table where permissions, etc. are set plus the grant SQL commands are disabled. It keeps people who aren’t DBA’s from messing up other people’s data.

Some other consequences of this are that you can’t set permissions for a user at the table and column level, only the database level.

To get full MySQL access, you would need to have a dedicated (your own) server.

I added this information to the MySQL WiKi article a while ago.