Multiple Mediawiki sites

I’d like to setup two independent Mediawiki instances (at different URLs) on my dreamhost site. These wikis would be addressing fundamentally different needs, so it would be nice to keep them separate. I realize this question has several levels. Do you share Mediawiki servers, database or allow them to be separate, etc. I’m actually fairly neutral on all these questions as long as I can easily separate the two sites and move one to another server, in the future. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I found some information the Mediawiki site on this subject (see link). It suggests several approaches to creating a ‘family’ of wiki pages. Has anyone had success at using any of these approaches on Dreamhost?

So I tried just running the one-click installer and specifying an new directory. This appeared to work OK. I can access the config page at the new mediawiki location and I received the automated e-mail from the installer. However, when I try to complete the configuration on the /mywiki/config page, It simply dies (“internal error”). So I have a second wiki, but I can’t configure it. Any suggestions? I followed the specified configuration settings provided by the one-click installer e-mail message. Nothing special, but it still dies.

Any suggestions? Thanks?