Multiple Image Input Buttons

I have a list of meetings on a calendar, I wanted to put a pencil graphic beside each one and allow the user to click the pencil to edit the meeting.

Well, my buttons work fine in Firefox (meaning they are passing the value correctly). IE6, however, doesn’t. (Or IE7RC1, for that matter). I’ve done some research on the web and this is a know IE snafu (surprise, surprise). I’m looking for a pretty, easy workaround.

Worst case scenario I resort to text links and use a GET instead of a POST. I was hoping for a more elegant solution though.

Any takers on how to fix this?

Angela Gann
CrimsonDryad Web Design Services
Web Design, Custom Software Development

I’m not quite sure what you want to happen when the image is clicked, but maybe you could use a button (with a transparent gif)?

It would seem like something that should work (or could be hacked to work) with IE – since most people use IE and there are plenty of sites with button images.

I haven’t messed with it, so I don’t know if this would work… but maybe you could look into doing something to a standard submit button with CSS–like a background image. I know a lot of properties work with form buttons, but I’m not sure which ones, so it might not even be an option.

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