Multiple ftp users

i want to provide access to my team members to various subdomains on my ftp. how do you do this?? just spent a few hours combing through the wiki but i’m lost.

can anybody provide a play by play? is this even possible?

A directory can have only one owner, but with SFTP and Groups, you can get pretty fancy, but it requires a bit of planning and elbow grease.

The best approach would be to create a user for each subdomain and edit the subdomain so it belongs to that user. Then team members who need access to that subdomain get the username and password you created.

Have a similar situation, though I have a site set up in its own domain and not as a subdomain, so just to define your answer so I don’t get lost.
If I want to give ftp access to someone for that particular site without them accessing any of the others, I would go into “Edit” for that domain and “Create a new user” under “Run this domain under the user:”?[hr]
nvm, found it, > Account privileges