Multiple ftp users?


I am very new at this web stuff and my brain already hurts so please excuse me if I make no sense or ask a stupid question!

I want to set up multiple ftp users for my account - and allow them all to upload files to a folder within my main account. I want to be able to access these files within my ftp login and move them around. Basically I want to be able to transfer files that others have uploaded, to my store (zen cart) and other parts of the site without having to download them and re-upload them somewhere else.

I have been looking at subdomains and subdirectories until my head hurts and for the life of me can’t seem to figure out how I can give ftp access to another user and still be able to access that file myself?

thanks in advance



You can’t access the files of others using FTP. You can with SFTP, but to copy the file from their directory to yours still involves downloading the file and uploading it again.

However you can do what you want using CGI or through the shell. Basically the user uploads the files to their directory and then it gets copied to yours through system calls (open/read/write) or commands (cp, mv)

With SFTP/shell/CGI you still have to worry about ownership and permission issues. The owner of a file gets to determine who has permission to read the file. The owner of the file is generally the FTP user that created the file.

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