Multiple FTP users on the same domain

Hi everybody,

I have a “master” domain and several third level doimains:, and so on.

Every third level domain is associated to a portion of webspace and to a single user who is able to read/write on that space via FTP.

Is there any way to create a “master” ftp user who can read/write in all the “third level” user folders?

What I’m trying to do is letting some of my clients send me stuff via dedicated FTPs, being able to manage all their folders with a single account.

TIA to everybody!


If your FTP software supports SFTP, then you can create a Group for each user, and add yourself to the group. Give the Group read and write privileges.


Just one more question: will my clients be able to access their folder via a standard FTP client or they’ll have to use SFTP too?


Standard FTP. By default, FTP limits them to their own home directory. It’s you who needs SFTP to be able to traverse the server to get to that other person’s home directory.