Multiple FTP users on 1 directory


I have a client who I convinced to move to DH for hosting. They set up their account here and added me as a FTP user (also added me as a panel user). Their web site directory is under their username.

I need to be able to access their web site directory in order to upload site files to (since I’m their web designer). Is there any way to allow 1 directory to have multiple FTP users on it? I’ve looked, but cannot find an easy way to do this.


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Use the same FTP login, or jump through a bunch of hoops to be able to “share” a directory:


I don’t think setting up groups helps with ftp access - each ftp user is locked into their own home directory – so sharing the ftp login is the only practical solution if that’s how you’ll maintain the site.

When the domain is set up for hosting at Dreamhost, it is tied to specific user and a subdirectory under that user’s home directory. I haven’t found a way for another user to ftp files there. [Things work differently, though, if you ssh/putty to the host and work from the shell. That’s when changing group permissions can add some flexibility – but it’s unlikely you’d want to manage the site that way.]

If different users need to maintain different parts of the site, that can be set up with
Domains > Remap Sub-Dir
section of the panel.

Most FTP clients support SFTP, in which case they can change over into another home directory if they have permission.


Yes, by using SFTP and setting up groups you can traverse directories within other user folders by implementing virtual directory links.

If you require multiple access for the lifetime of the domain, then by far the simplest method is to create a “shared” user, create a folder in it’s account, and remap that directory from the website using Domains > Remap Sub-Dir. Then just give the relevant people the username/pass for access.

If you only require access to set the website up initially, just use the owners SFTP credentials. They can change their password to something arbitrary, let you upload/edit the site, then change the password back when you’re done.

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With the mental model of ftp that I’d formed more than 25 years ago, I’d never tried to go “up the tree” with sftp.

I learned a lot investigating ths.