Multiple emails

Anyone else having a problem with emails being downloaded and downloaded multiple times? Also some strange spam email returns?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, I am seeing email being repeated every 12-13 minutes since about 7:30 PM East Coast time on 12/20/05! Filling up some of the mailboxes pretty quickly!

yes i’ve been getting multiple emails (at least 30-40 copies of the same email) since last night.

what the hell is going on with the mail server?

After deleting 600 emails or so at midnight - I came to the office with 1100 new emails. Oddly enough, my blackberry seems to be filtering multiple emails out for me. Maybe it will be a day working from the blackberry.

Support emailed me to tell me they are on it.

Looks like another infestation of the Sober worm…

I have now 1056 emails (10+ times each email)

its not the first time this is happening

Likewise with us, not the first time.

Once per week it seems that the Dreamhost server burps and we get all the amils from the last 5-7 day redelivered. Still no clear answer or feedback from Dreamhost besides the ubiquitous - “Best to use another email program”