Multiple Editors on One Site?

Hey all, first time poster, loving my dreamhost account so far.

Here’s my issue:
I wanted to use a subdomain of my site for a school project (college web design class). I set up the subdomain .

I put up the site, everything runs well, it’s all gravy and awesomeness. However, I wanted to give my teammates (3 other) access to the project subdomain so they could also edit the site.

So I registered other users, and then… realized that they all get private folders and no access to anything else. :frowning:

I’ve been digging in the wiki, but I’m totally lost. SSH blew my mind, which is a totally seperate issue, but I manged to connect to the Shell unsecurely and tried setting permissions on the different users, but no go.

Basically, I’m stuck and lost. Is it even possible? How can I set up 3 users to have only access to the one subdomain, where they can all see the files on it?

There are many threads in this forum (“search” is your friend), with very detailed discussions on the various ways you can facilitate the “sharing” of space among users in the manner you describe describe.

Check here, here, and here for detailed discussion of this topic. If you still need help, after reading those threads completely, post again and I’ll try to answer any questions :wink:

Shortest Possible Answer: Have them share a user id (use the same user/pass - it does not need to be the same as the user you use for your main account) You use that “shared” id when you want to operate in that subdomain.


Oh, that’s a great solution! Sharing one user name works fine, and switching the subdomain over to that user has been done and everything is running great now!

Thanks so much for the help.

And sorry for asking an already-answered-a-million-times question. I’ll have to look over the links you provided more carefully later on. I would like to know a lot more about managing this site, but for now, the simple solution will work fine.

*Although that file-manager script was looking mighty tempting for a little while! :wink: