Multiple e-mail downloads


We are using Outlook 2003 (POP) to download from the dreamhost mail servers.

All is well for most of the accounts, but one or two of the accounts insist on downloading multiple copies of each and every e-mail.

At first glance it might seem like the multiple copies one might expect if the previous connection had timed out, except that the connections are not timing out.

Also, it is not that the same e-mails are being downloaded at subsequent connection times - each e-mail is being received 10 times all in one session, but successfully taken off the server and not being received again on later sessions.

I have same ? into the ISP (Direcwave), but am getting no-where with them - they pretty much don’t even answer. While I am not sure at all that this is a dreamhost problem, I am hoping I might find some smarter people around here (not hard, I know) to send me in the right direction.

[Edit: It is not a ‘leave message on server’ setting either, these accounts do not have that setting turned on]


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