Multiple Domains

Hey guys,

Just wondering… I have a domain registered with Dreamhost already, and have webspace. I was hoping to transfer another domain name across and use my Dreamhost webspace to host the files for it.

Is this possible, and how do I go about it? Obviously I’d have to use a domain transfer request form, but after that’s done - how do I allocate it a subdomain etc?

Cheers :slight_smile:

All hosting here is a “Fully Hosted” domain, even if it’s a subdomain. You’re allowed unlimited “webspaces,” like what you already have.

You don’t have to do the domain transfer. Just make sure they’re using the DreamHost name servers.

For future planning, decide if you want the new webspace to be owned by the FTP user you already have, or you can create a new FTP user if you want to keep the two setups separate. Either is fine, but I keep them under different users for full separation.


Awesome that’s great news, cheers :slight_smile:

If I was going to transfer the domain over to Dreamhost, it’s a - is this possible?

it may be easier to just change to the Dreamhost DNS.

Then it’s just a matter of making a new FTP user and changing the domain settings to point to their webspace?

Also with emails - it would depend on their domain registrar whether or not they can have emails yeah? If I was to give them webspace here, they’d only be able to use my domain email address, not their own?

I’m a bit of a newb at this stuff :wink:

You can’t register (or transfer) a .au here. So you’ll have to go the DNS route, which is fine. While you wait for DNS to propagate, create that Fully Hosted Domain and it’ll let you choose an existing user, or Create a New User.

Here’s a tip for previewing a site while you wait for DNS to propagate:


  1. Add the domain to your account here at DreamHost.

You can check that everything’s working before making the switch in step 2 by using the Hosts trick.

  1. Point the NameServers at your registrar to DreamHost’s DNS:

[code]Name Servers:[/code]Note: If you used the Host’s trick in Step 1, remember to undo the changes you made to your Hosts file after switching the NameServers and propogation has completed (usually takes a coupla hours).

  1. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

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Ahh, thanks :slight_smile:

And as for emails, if I’m transferring this person’s domain to Dreamhost, they’d have to pay for email addresses from their current domain place wouldn’t they?

Email and Website are usually at the same host. As you’ve already paid for hosting, their email and website will be hosted here under your account for no extra charge.

They will most likely need to tweak their email settings to work properly here, as many providers use slightly different configurations.

In the mean time, they should log into their current email accounts and set them to forward to a third party, such as their gmail account. There’s a gap in service when you transfer email hosting, and forwarding will catch all messages during the transition. No need to turn off that forwarding, since by the time the old service completely dies, their messages will be directed here to their new mail server.


They should be setup over there as already mate :wink:

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