Multiple Domains

Crazy Domain plan says unlimited number of domains hosted. On the additional domains that I add to my plan, can I setup email for those domains? Other hosting companies use domain pointing and they don’t include email with those additional domains. I was wondering if Dreamhost was any different.

Email addresses are included for all of your hosted domains up to the allowed limit of your plan.

Note: I am a dreamhost customer - not an employee. I’ll do my best to give you an accurate answer, however, you must use my information and advice at your own risk.

ok with dreamhost you get full fledged hosting for every single domain. with powweb my previous host it was like you said where they only offered domain pointing but dreamhost offers full hosting for every domain u have for no extra hidden charge.

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I’m a bit confused; I have a domain at dreamhost already, and i want to create another one, which is easy to do from the control panel. Do I have to pay another registration fee, or what? After all, it says unlimited domains.

If I do have to pay a nominal registration fee again, does that means i pay another monthly fee as well? And one more thing, say i paid a year in advance, and now i add another domain six months later–will my new domain outlive the first by six months?

If anyone has gone through this process, I’d appreciate a little counsel. Thanks.

The ‘unlimited’ refers to being able to host unlimited domains. The domain name registration is a seperate matter and you will need to pay the yearly registration fee for any new domains you add (currently $9.95 per year). Other than the registration fee, there are no other extra charges.

Of-course, you can add sub-domains to your existing domains without incurring any extra registration fees. At DreamHost sub-domains behave pretty much like full domains, they each have a seperate web accessable directory and can have their own email accounts etc.

As for adding a new domain 6 months into your plan, the hosting plan will still come up for renewal in 6 months and your first ‘free’ domain will be covered by this renewal, but the new domain that you added will be OK for 12 months before it is due for renewal. As I said, you have to consider the hosting and domain registration to be seperate issues (except for your first ‘free’ domain that is included with your plan).


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Domain hosting, and domain registration are two different things. Dreamhost offers you to host unlimited domains, but you still have to register them - two completely seperate processes (and fees).

Dreamhost pays for 1 domain registration as part of your account plan, and DH will pay for the renewal as long as you maintain the account.

Yes. (the hosting is unlimited, not the registration)

No (if by “monthly fee” you are talkingf about a hosting fee) - you may host unlimited domains in your Dreamhost account without an additional monthly fee “per domain”. If you prepaid for a year, you will only occurr additional fees if you add services, or exceed limit (bandwidth/storage - not likely in either case).

Assuming you are talking about you “hosting plan” being paid a year in advance, and if your “adding a domain” means registering a domain for one year, then the answer is “Yes”. Registration and hosting plans do not necessarily expire/renew at the same time., and don’t even have to be provided by the same company.