Multiple domains?

I have a question about domains.

How are multiple domains handled? For instance, would the following domains count as 4 domains or 1 ? Is there a way to simply forward the other 3 to the first domain?


You coudl set them up as “Fully hosted” domains, or as forward only domains. As fully hosted domains they will each count (and function) as a seperate doamins, totaling 4.


Ok, sounds like the forward only domains would be the way to go. They all point to the same content, and that way I only use up 1 of the domains in the package. Thanks.

You also have the option of mirroring your domains.

That way the url would show “” (or whatever) and would show the content of whichever domain you decided to fully host for your content.

Dreamhost allows unlimited domain forwarding and mirroring on every one of their accounts.

That sounds like the way to go. Thank you for the response! Looks like I’m going to be moving over 5 sites to DH !