Multiple domains

We just registered our first site with DH and are intrigued with their term FULL Domains Hosted (3). Is this feature suitable for 3 unique sites, each in the 200 - 500MG range? I’ve read that multiple domain hosting is suited best for “mini sites” and our sites, while not huge, are not minis --and they are all different businesses. Are there any disadvantages to multiple domain hosting with DH? Search engine problems? I can’t seem to find explicit info about multiple domains on the DH site, so any references / advice is appreciated.


Each of the multiple domains is completely separate… like you could have just as well have signed up for three different web hosts for each of the different domains instead of getting the DreamHost account.

The ONLY thing I could possibly think of that might be weird with search engines is there’s a chance two of your domains might be on the same IP. That’s less likely if you wait a few days in between adding each one though. And it’s just a theory some people have that having the same IP would matter at all for like search engine ranking… one I personally find unlikely! And of course you can always add a Unique IP to any domain for $4.95/month.


They are all real domains and as legit as any. You can set them up so that a “super account” of sorts (one main user) manages (is the “owner”) all of them, or create different users for each domain and run them completely independent of each other.

I have different accounts here at DH, some have different log-ins and owners for domains and some have different domains co-existing under one main owner (so it’s easier for me to maintain them).

You can also create sub-domains, which are sometimes useful for mini-sites, or temporary sites you might create.