Multiple domains

I have had a domain for while and recently added two others under my “Crazy Domain” plan, all fully hosted. Where and when do the new domains show up when I log in with Wftp?
I tried creating my own folder but when I went looking for (yes, I did have one of those too) I see only INDEX,
parent directory and nothing else…what am I doing wrong?


I’m not sure I completely understand, but you might have named your site folder incorrectly.

When I FTP in, I see something like this: file folder date modified file folder date modifed file folder date modified

If you named the folder ‘,’ DNS might not be looking in the right directory.

so…was the original folder created by DH? It’s been so long I don’t remember…it’s called and works the
way it’s supposed to.

So, I should wait for DH to poop em out or create two new folders named and without
the Ws… I don’t really understand the significance of the W’s.