Multiple Domains

I had one domain hosted here:

Yesterday I moved two other domains: and

I have set everything up via my Dreamhost Control Panel.

How do I FTP my files? The “GO” link doesn’t work for any of my domains, not even the old one. It just opens up a new browser with a “page cannot be displayed” error.

If I log in to WS_FTP using my user name and password, it only lists my original domains. I assumed the other two would be listed as well, but they are not.

Now that the DNS change has propogated, my web sites are gone so I am anxious to FTP the files to their new location so I don’t have more downtime.

I think you need to give support an email…

error id: “bad_httpd_conf” - that’s what i get when i try and visit those domains.

no no you just have to wait for a day or 2.

Both work for me now! :wink:

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