Multiple domains

I’ve read the FAQ about setting up domains, but I just need a little clarification.
If I was to get the “Sweet Dreams” package that allows 3 domains, and I had say two of those in use, would it be apparent that the second domain was associated with the first?
I read that you set it up to point to a subdirectory, and am assuming that it would show up as domain A’s main directory, and if one typed in domain B that whatever subdirectory would be it’s main directory


would show up as:



might have been more than needed to describe the situation, but one website doesn’t want to be associated with the other, and I want to see that there aren’t any obvious ways to tell that thay are together…


There is no way (short of hacking DH or you telling people) that the two domains are hosted on the same plan.

note that Dreamhost doesn’t use pubhtml or any of its kindred - if the domains are set up under the same user:


  • /username
    | + /
    | | - /images
    | \ - /index.html
    | + /Domain.two
    | | - /text
    | \ - /index.php

Your message isn’t clear. Do you mean:

a) There is no way that (a visitor could tell that) the domains are hosted on the same plan.


b) There is no way that two domains are hosted on the same plan.


I’m not sure what you mean “tell that they are together”…

There’s no way for someone not on your machine or outside of our organization to tell that two domains are hosted on your account, if that’s what you mean.

Regarding directory structure, you can set them up however you want…

Most people set them up like:

(which is the default).

If you prefer, you can set them up like:

You can also set them up like:

oops sorry ::blush:: I got rushed for time and didn’t proof that. It should say there’s no way to tell they’re hosted on the same plan

No, if you are hosting more than one domain on your plan, each shows up with its own domain name and there is no way of telling that they are on the same plan. I have something like 40 on my Strictly Business plan, and the only way of telling that they have any connection with each other is the fact that my design credit appears at the bottom of each page. :slight_smile:



Of course, if anyone starts checking IP#'s, they might be able to figure out that something is up if they all have the same IP address. (Typically, your sites will all be hosted on the same machine, no?) People would have to know both sites, and become “suspicious” that the two might be related. (Why would this happen? I can’t imagine.) Even so, all they would get is a clue that the two might be related.

“Specialization is for Insects”

True that they’d share an IP address, and if somebody was wildly suspicious and relatively tech-savvy, they could determine that it’s at least possible that there’s a connection.

But if they’re that tech-savvy, then they should also be able to figure out that Dreamhost probably has dozens, if not hundreds, of different domains hosted on the same IP. Not exactly a smoking gun, even if you’re paranoid. (And hey, for a few bucks a month can’t you get a unique IP address from Dreamhost? That’d take care of it.)

A bit off-track here if you guys don’t mind. But if I want one of my very own domains to be used (e.g., instead of those NS.NEWDREAM.NET, NS2.NEWDREAM.NET, etc with the DNS info, what should I do at DreamHost’s end (apart from registering them with the Registrar)? Thanks.

RE: two domains on your account having the same IP

It’s actually not super likely. Each of our machines have lots of instances of Apache running at one time, and each instance of Apache has several IPs for VirtualHosting.

So even if they’re on the same machine, and by chance end up on the same instance of Apache, they still might be on different IPs.

However, we do have our own globally routable IPs from ARIN, so it’s not hard for someone tech-ish to figure out you’re hosted here.

Well, plus even though your domain resolves to an IP doesn’t mean it resolves that way in reverse…if you’re on the basic-bongo instance of Apache on apok and you do a reverse lookup of the IP your site resolves to, you’ll get

So, yeah. It’s not like you can easily pretend you’re not hosted here. A dedicated IP would help a lot, but still anyone technical can figure it out quickly.

Each instance only uses one IP (other than IPs that are specifically unique). So if they’re shared, and on the same Apache, they’ll probably have the same IP.

As Nate points out, the reverse DNS generally resolves to a generic name (unless you have a unique IP).

Someone could easily figure out where you’re hosted, but they could almost definitely not tell whether two domains are on the same account or not.

Nate writes:
“However, we do have our own globally routable IPs from ARIN, so it’s not hard for someone tech-ish to figure out you’re hosted here.”

Perhaps that is true now. It wasn’t true earlier this year. This information comes from Netcraft:

Jan 13 New Dream Network
Feb 12 SoftAware, Inc.
Mar 30 SoftAware, Inc.
Apr 06 New Dream Network
May 12 Dreamhost
Jun 29 Dreamhost
Sep 10 Dreamhost

Right. The registration date on our /19 (8190 IPs) is about 2002-04-26, so the switch was around that date.