Multiple domains to one host

I’m not sure how best to do this, hopefully someone can help.

I’ve had a site at Dreamhost for about a year. I’ve decided to move a different direction and have registered a new domain. I’d like to essentially swap my with my How do I do this through the Dreamhost Manage Domains section? I’ve tried to mirror the new site, but that didn’t work.

If it helps, both domains were purchased at GoDaddy, but both are pointing to the Dreamhost Nameservers.


You could create a redirect on your old site

Create a file with the following content

Redirect 301 /

save it as .htaccess and put it in the root of your old domain webserver

(note the filename starts with a dot)

Anyone who tries to open a page on your old site will be pushed to the new one

I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for. All I really want to do is point two domains at the same hosting directory. Is this a DNS setting? Perhaps some other hosting setting?

When you set up hosting for the new domain, you can set it to mirror the old domain.

Or you can set it up pointing to the same “Web directory”, which will make it easier to remove the old one later.