Multiple Domains, Single Host

Is it possible to use a single dreamhost account to host two totally different websites (domain names)?

Say I own two domains, and I wish them to be two, different, independent sites. Can I point them to, say, directories abc/ and xyz/ in my dreamhost ftp account so they can be independent sites?

Or do I need to sign up to a new hosting plan for every domain name?

I’m new to all this and was just curious.


Sure! You can host as many domains as you want under one account. The directory structure is similar - under you user, you’ll have a directory for each site.


Cool. I think I’ll be signing up soon. :slight_smile:

You won’t be sorry. Please bear in mind that although you can host as many domains as you like, you only get 1 free domain name when you sign up.

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the answer is always yes.

there are so many ways to do that. You can register domain names in DH 9.95/yr. You can transfer the domains to DH. You can also point the domains to DH by setting up the name servers.

according to DH (I believe you have seen it), you can have unlimited subdomains and unlimited mysql databases. what else? DH gives us all.


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and that domain remains free for as long as you stay at dreamhost. I suppose you do pay for the domain registration indirectly, the cost is included in your plan cost.

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I believe DreamHost has done away with the faxed credit-card rubbing requirement and are now referring customers to Google checkout for payment if their application triggers the fraud detection system.


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The beauty of Dreamhost system is just that. I don’t really care for tons of bandwith or space, but the ability to create true unlimited accounts, under the same ftp account or separate ones. It’s great :slight_smile:

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