Multiple domains - SEO

Is DH for me ?
Not too bad with html and ok with FTP use HSBC to process payments. Currently host single domain with webfusion and can find my way around their control panel but do not consider them vfm. Have lots of domains with 123-reg.
Starting new business and thinking of putting a few domains up to help with SEO.
What is DH like for managing multiple domains?
Is my SEO thinking on the right lines?
Will I have any problems using HSBC whilst using DH?
Am I better going for dirt cheap hostings and spreading the domains around? ie Are multiple domains on DH accounts configured in such a way that eg Google will see each domain as entirely seperate entities.
Hope you can see where I am coming from.

I only have experience with two shared hosts. The other one is a cPanel/Fantastico host. I think the DreamHost panel and setup makes it easier to deal with multiple domains and subdomains. It’s just more intuitive to me.

I’m not an SEO expert, so I’ll let others answer this.

What sort of problems might you anticipate? I use two hosts myself and have subdomains hosted on one where the domain is hosted on the other. I don’t do any cross-marketing.

I’m not sure how Google identifies separate entities. If it’s by IP, you mostly end up with the same IP address - though I had two or three IP addresses back before I went for the DreamHost PS service.

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Thanks for the reply
I am homing in between DH and the Bulk Streamline package where they tak about “True Domains” ???. I’ve asked them what’s the difference.
The review sites are a foo wrt who you can or cannot believe.
I’ll pose the SEO question in a SEO forum.
Thank again

How many domains did you want to host? If you’re talking about str**, it seems that you only get hosting for 10 domains. You can get more redirected or mirrored domains, I think, but if you want distinctive content on the domains, you’re limited to 10 domains - but also get 20 subdomains per domain.

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