Multiple domains pointing to same website/ftp



I have two domain names pointing to same directory. One of the domain names got expired last week, I can open the website with the second domain name. FTP is also working fine with second domain name, but somehow webmail & MYsql is not resolving with the second domain name.

Can anybody pls guide of the possible cause.\



if the one that expired had the web services set up then you need to set up those services on the redirecting/mirroring domain.

click on manage domains in the admin panel and change the setting for the domain from mirror or redirect to full hosted.


You could also set your hosts file (on your computer) to use Dreamhost’s IP. Then you’d be able to access that domain from your computer - you could pull the data off then. (search this forum for instructions on how to do this)

An easier solution for Mysql might be to do a dump through the command line. Check out the wiki article called ‘migrate mysql’ for instructions on how to do that.

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