Multiple domains on one hosting account


I am a newbie here. I have my website since october and it’s working very well. Hosted at dreamhost. I would like to have another website/new domain.

Can I add this new website to the same hosting service? I don’t want to pay another time for the hosting…

Anyone can help me with that? If I can do it, do I just have to buy the new domain name and that will be easy to add it to my hosting service?


you can host unlimited domains on your account. you can also register .com, .net, .org and .info domains through DH for 9.95/yr. just go to manage domains and add a new domain and make it fully hosted if you already have your other domain. if you have it registered elsewhere you will need to log into your account there and update the dns settings to point to dh.

Thanks Ryo-ohki!

I am trying it right now :wink: