Multiple Domains in one Account


Is it possible to have multiple domains point to one account in dreamhost?

I want to have two different websites: is registered and connected to my dreamhost account. I want to register a new domain ( and use my existing dreamhost account to host the content of this new domain. Can this be done? Is there an FAQ that you can point me to or a wiki entry?

I’m not 100% sure how this works on the technical side, does point to one directory in my account and points to another directory?

Any help would be much appreciated


Yes, if you want two separate, unrelated web sites they must be configured to use different directories for their document root.

Once you have a domain registered, you add hosting for it by using the Domains -> Manage Domains section of the DreamHost Web Panel. You can add as many domains as you like, you only have to pay for registration.

Keep in mind that if you are hosting a site for someone else, or try to share managing a site, its best to add a new group and user for each site and share credentials as necessary. When you add a domain, you pick one user that can be used to login and manage the files for the site.

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You can host as many domains as you like. When you add a domain you get to choose which user account has control of it’s files.

If you choose to host domain2 under the same user as domain1 then you will see an additional folder in S/FTP called the next time you log in. Simply upload domain2 files into that directory and you’re good to go.

If the domains aren’t “sister sites” (ie. are irrelevant to each other) then it can be a good idea to set up a new user within Panel and link domain2 to the new user. In this case you would see domain1 folder when logging in to user1 account and domain2 folder when logging in with user2 account via shell, SSH, FTP, etc.

You still have access to all alter all users/domains via your principal Panel account.

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Works wonders. Thank you very much!