Multiple Domain Use of Custom PHP

Alright. . . I had all of my problems fixed, but then I decided . . . Hey . . . let’s put this my office software in a subdomain instead for easier PDA Access. . . Well back to the drawing board on the PHP issues.

Okay, so I have moved all of my software over to the subdomain.

I followed the WIKI instructions on adding another domain to the custom php install:

[quote] * Go to the domain directory where you want to use the Custom PHP5 Compile (Example: /

  • Type: ln -s /home/USERNAME/DOMAIN_NAME/cgi-bin /home/USERNAME/SUB.DOMAIN_NAME/cgi-bin (Replace USERNAME with your actual username, Replace DOMAIN_NAME with your actual domain name where the custom php5.cgi in stored. Example Replace SUB.DOMAIN_NAME with the actual sub domain you want to use for the custom php5)
  • Press Enter And You Are Done.
  • Upload the .htaccess with the AddHandler/Action methods as listed above to (Example: /
  • Upload the same .htaccess with the AddHandler/Action methods to the subdomain (Example: [/quote]
    I must really be doing something wrong here . . . I am Using PuTTy in SSH and when I execute the above -s {other stuff here} command I get “-bash: -S: command not found”.

Anyone have any ideas for me.

So bad at this I’m going CRAZY, with worry.

Uhhh… are you entering ln -s or just -s ?

Cause that would make a rather large difference, heh.
ln -s is the proper method of doing it anyways.

Chips N Cheese - Custom PHP installs and the like!

LOL . . .
Strike another person blunder . . .

I was only entering -s . . . much thanks . . . going to go try that now . . . I will let you know if it is resolved.

WELL . . . I am still getting the following:

I am in the main_ directory when I type this.

So bad at this I’m going CRAZY, with worry.

the command is not In.

It is ln. l is for link. n is for normal. So use [color=#0000CC]ln -s[/color]


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HeHe . . . I had just figured that out when I got this new post. . . that seems to have worked . . . However, now I am getting all kinds of errors . . .

I am not sure what is going on . . . Is the subdomain just suppose to get a symlink instead of its own cgi-bin. If so, then I am right there, but now I am getting strange errors (for example):

I am not getting this on the main domain, but I am on the sub.

Any clue . . . and by the way *** Thanks for all the help!

So bad at this I’m going CRAZY, with worry.

as the message states, there is an extra , in your php.ini file. Check line 135 in your php.ini file, you should be able to spot the error.

Good luck

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I removed it, and that did resolve that . . . however, it moves to the next one which is:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/.hobbie/username/ on line 135[/quote]

I don’t even know what that means . . .

Why would I be getting this on the subdomain and not the main domain . . . I am really trying to learn this, so understanding the issues as I fix them helps alot.

Thanks for the rapid response by the way.

So bad at this I’m going CRAZY, with worry.

It looks like a missing “;”

You may not find the missing “;” in line 135. You may have a missing “;” before that.

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This is now resolved completely . . . thanks for all the help.

So bad at this I’m going CRAZY, with worry.

I’m glad that you solved the problem.

Would you mind to share how you solve the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

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