Multiple Domain Registrations

So I just tried to purchase 2 domains, the .com and .ca version of the same domain, which comes up shockingly often.

Doing so I discovered the following:

a) there is no way to buy more than 1 domain at a time, which is bad enough… but

b) the money from the first purchase actually sits in your account for up to 15 minutes in limbo so you make the second purchase. This is because then the system would try to only charge your card the remaining balance… in the case of a .ca domain it’s $2.04. And there is a minimum of $10 for a credit card purchase.

In the case of a domain that is the same cost (like if both were .com domains) than I’m assuming the registration request would go through without the charge and then I’d owe the $11.95 at some later date?

This is just straight up goofy. Why make it so hard to take my money?

The solution isn’t optimal, but in order to register a domain, the domain has to be paid in full at the time of the purchase. If you are buying (or renewing) more than one domain at a time, the best way to do it is to add up the amount of money you will be spending on all domains and make a single payment on your dreamhost account creating a credit balance on your dreamhost account. Then go to the registration page, and since you are using up your credit you can register the domains quickly.