Multiple developers

I’ve read the posts I’ve found with regard to sharing access to a site directory, and need a little more help.

I have a full domain and want to give access to two developers. I’ve created a group to which we both belong, chgrp -R all the files/directories to that group, and ran chmod g+s on everything. Works great until one of us creates a file/directory. Our umask is set to 022, so the newly created file/directory isn’t group writeable and the other developer can’t get access.

Is there a good way around this? I tried setting the umask to 002 in .bash_profile & .bashrc but something I don’t understand in the startup script overrides it. Besides, I don’t really want that to be the umask for ALL of our files - just the shared ones in the domain directory.

Part two of the problem, after the shell access works, is to get both of us running with samba.