Multiple blogs, one site, WordPress

Good afternoon everyone,

I’m trying to build a blogging site for my family to stay connected.
I was hoping to have a relatively static page with an integrated blog that was fairly easy to use and update.

I’ve tried several packages and there is no single solution, other than perhaps Drupal which is far too challenging for my 11 year old to want to administer.
The only alternative I found was to have an install of Wordpress dedicated to each user.

Now I am trying to figure out how to build Wordpress ‘pages’ links to point to each user’s site and I can’t figure out how.
To explain, say for instance there is a main site ‘A’ and user sites B, C and D. In the ‘Pages’ list of site A, the ‘page’ links point to not pages, but to sites A, B, C and D.

Does anyone know how to do something like this?

If there is a simpler method or another piece of software entirely that would do the job, please feel free to let me know.

Thanks Much,

Jon Postel: You are remembered.

There’s always WordPress-MU, but for a family-based site with blogs I’d probably go for a separate WordPress for each member installed in their own sub-domain, with the main domain containing a family landing page that contains links to each blog. -> “landing page” with perhaps some family history/info/gallery/guestbook/forum and, of course, links to each family member’s blog. -> WordPress site for John -> Wordpress site for Sally -> …you get the drift.

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Another option is to create one WordPress installation and make the main page a static page. Each family member would be a category, and the links on the main page will send the visitor to a category.


What’s the difference between using wordpress-MU and different wordpress installation?

I understand that wp-mu was created to make it possible to have different wp blogs with one single installation. But I may be wrong as I never used wp-mu.

I think that it’s main benefit is that it avails you a central core that is shared amongst users. When you add themes or plug-ins to the main core all the blogs then have access to them. Much like DreamHost’s One-Click “Easy Mode” installations I suppose.

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Is Wordpress MU supported on shared accounts? I thought due to the resources MU uses, it was only allowed on VPS accounts.

If the installation became a resource hog the admins would invariably insist that an account holder move up to a VPS solution. I wouldn’t suggest that anyone install WP-MU on a shared account and leave the (apparently default) ability open for just anybody to create a free blog on their domain.

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