Multiple apps over ssl and subdomains


It seems as though if I wanted to install multiple apps (a ruby on rails app and a wiki) over ssl using subdomains, then I would need to pay for a separate ssl subdomain for each app:

Do I have that right? Would I have the ability to run more than one app over ssl if I don’t use subdomains and set them up like this:

? I think that would mean I couldn’t use passenger in this scenario, since it seems to take over the whole domain or subdomain.



Yes and Yes.

Dreamhost don’t support Wildcard SSL Certificates (which is what you need to have a single cert handle multiple subdomains).

Wilcard certs are somewhere on the other side of “cheap” and require that you run a gamut of bureaucratic red tape for the most part. This aforementioned red tape may, or may not, compromise of sending in dental x-rays no less than 12 months old, blood types of all relatives up to and including 4th cousins twice removed and, if you happen to live in the USofA, a visit from some moonlighting TSA guys for a thorough ‘How’s Yer Mother?’.

Unique IPs are ~ $3/month, DH SSL cert ~ $15/year.


If you don’t need a verified certificate you can save the $15.00 year for each domain by following option 4 on this page: You will still need a dedicated IP for each sub-domain tho.

The free class 1 certificate is fine if you just require protection of privacy and prevention of eavesdropping, but it really wouldn’t be suitable for an e-commerce site.