Multiple application installations?


I just signed onto DH, and I have an application question. I would like to set up a subdomain to perform development/make changes to a test website before opening it on the main domain. One app I would to play around with is the Zen Cart. Can I set up separate installations of Zen Cart, one on the test domain and one on the main domain? Or would I just need one installation for both versions? Will it be the same for the other apps DH provides?

Thanks in advance!

You can install multiple instances of an application; each with their own database. Being a One-Click, your plan to run a dev installation and a production installation will make it easy to migrate your updates to your live site. A One-Click installation can’t be moved and then tracked by One-Click. It has to stay put to remain a One-Click installation.


Thanks for the info, Scott. Could you clarify one thing for me? You say that it will be easy to migrate updates from the dev to prod site with a separate one-click install, yet you say it can’t be moved. How will the dev data migrate to prod if it can’t be moved?

If both versions are the same, you can copy all data over to production, and One-Click won’t notice the difference. The catch is if there’s domain-specific information that needs to be updated so Production isn’t pointing to your Dev subdomain and/or data.