Multiple accountso n same credit card


Hi all,

I bought a dreamhost domain/hosting package as a gift, but after checking them out I’d like to sign up too. Only problem is I get an error telling me my card is already in the system and I need to use another one. Any reason for this? I only have one credit card so I can’t just use another one.




I suspect it’s a security ‘feature’ of some sort, trying to help keep your card safe. If you sign up through the panel you shouldn’t have any problems, it will also make it easy to manage both accounts through one panel log-in



Anyhow there are multiple ways for payment. You can use paypal or simply send them a check.

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Contact their sales dept. directly. This is not a Dreamhost support forum - it’s a customer forum.

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Security would be my guess, too.

But I wonder if it’s even there from the days of the Strictly Business sale ($7/month?) when existing customers weren’t allowed to sign up for it.

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Contact Dreamhost support, or use a different method to pay for your hosting, such as PayPal. PayPal accounts are free.

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