Multiple accounts?


Am I allowed multiple accounts? One is for my personal hosting while the other is owned by someone else (family member), but I’m hosting their domain (they’ve got a DH account for the domain but I’m hosting it on my account).



The TOS says you can have only one account.

Get ‘someone else’ to purchase an account and appoint you editer-in-chief.


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If the someone else if a family member, it will be against TOS.

You can have multiple accounts if you did not use any promo code to sign up your plan. To clear your doubt, the best way should be contacting DH support.

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If I signed up, my family cannot sign up?

Is that true?


You’ll really have to contact DreamHost to get the green light.

The way I see it, the big issue is promo codes. DreamHost seems to flip-flop on the one account per person rule. TOS says one thing, but DreamHost support sometimes contradicts this. I think that as long as you (or a family member) signs up for another account with a different credit card and billing address, you should be fine.



I’m sure your whole family is more than welcome to signup if they want to.

Like Scott has suggested, I too think the TOS appears the way it does in order to keep the evil promocode players/ultra-heavy users at bay. Dreamhost appear quite happy to make 1 on 1 arrangements regarding accounts and it would of course be in your best interests to contact support to tell them your dad, sister, etc. would like to signup for an account just in case they think you might be trying to cheat them on the awesome signup bargains.

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This is what

Let me clear up any controversy. We do not allow any DreamHost customers
to hold multiple plans or have multiple hosting accounts. Please trust
that anything a support representative (like me) is more current and true
DreamHost policy than just some person posting on our discussion boards.
:slight_smile: You are not allowed to hold multiple accounts or plans for any reason.=

Please don’t hesitate to write back if you need help with anything else.=0D

Please don’t hesitate to write back if you need help with anything else.=0D

Mike S=0D


I agree. There’s nothing in the ToS about family member accounts and the only reference that I know of about family members is that the Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate’s Program says:

So it looks like it’s all clear for all family members except your spouse. And it looks like even that’s ok as long as they don’t use you as their referrer.

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