Multiple account

I am a Student at University of Québec and my friends and me are wondering if it is simple to ad multiple site on one account.

For example we would like 3 blogs with a domain name on each (not only a redirection)

like and

so is it possible to split that up on one account without having site name like

i don’t know if I am clear… ?

Yes you can put as many domains as you want on 1 account.

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But remember that you still have to register all the domains that you host.

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You can host unlimited domains in one account in DH. What you need to do is to add domains via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Add Domains / Subdomains The system will automatically create different folders for the different domains. For example, root/user/, root/user/

After you upload the files to the right folder, other are able to view the site with and

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