Multilingual Setup - WPML: different languages - different domains

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I hope that for some this is a very easy question, for me it’s a huge challenge…

My website is bi-lingual (German and English) running under the same domain, the bi-ligual content managed via WPML plugin in WordPress.

I now wish to run the languages under different domains and it’s possible but I need to change the server settings. Here is the description of the WPML Plugin site:

I found some advice in Dreamhost Wiki: (Mirror Domain)

And before I start playing with my website in my ignorance of programming I just simply need some re-assurance that this is the way to go.

Thank you a lot guys :slight_smile:


I found a solution… mirror domain works :slight_smile:

However, I’m now looking how to redirect the non-www mirror domain to display the mirrored www multilingual content. It’s messing up between the languages at the moment.