Multifactor authentication promo question

On the DreamObjects “Account” tab it says:

When I click the link it takes me to the page to Enable multifactor authentication… Sounds normal… BUT… I already have multifactor authentication enabled.

So do I need to disable it, and then re-enable it to get the promo? Or am I not understanding or missing something?

You’ll see a green check mark if the promo is enabled.
Screenshot: Promo Enabled

Otherwise, you’ll see an orange exclamation mark.
Screenshot: Promo Not Active

Ahha… I was missing something then!

Suggestion: When the promo is enabled, change this text: “Enable multifactor authentication on your account.” to something else because it’s confusing.

Thanks for the suggestion. Right now the text is the same whether it’s enabled or not - I’ll look into changing the wording until we can make it smarter.


Just to point out it really wouldn’t be confusing to someone that first saw it “not active” then followed then link to enable it. The problem comes when someone like me that enabled multi factor ages ago first runs across that promo already enabled. It looks like the green check is calling your attention to it, and the text to the right is giving you instructions what to do, it is implying you have a task to complete to get the freebie. Again, if I first saw it in its disabled state it would all make sense, but seeing it for the first time enabled, you don’t realize the green check means enabled.