Multi-user access


I need help figuring out how and with what to set up a space for multiple users. I am trying to set up a media space for instructors at my college to load their presentations, videos, etc. I want then to have private spaces to direct their students to. It also has to be easy for them to upload to.

I am a total novice so if you respond please s p e l l it out slowly and carefully :slight_smile:


You’re in for a rough ride. Your choices are:
a) Jump through hoops and challenges to created a shared directory for SFTP
(search DreamHost wiki for Users & Groups)

b) Edit php.ini to allow your website to handle uploads greater than 7 megs
(search DreamHost wiki for PHP.ini)

Since it’s a college setup, now might be the time to look into Moodle, which is offered as a One-Click install, but you still have to do the PHP.ini trick



Adding onto that, I have a question about users. How do I set up a user name and password for one of my clients that needs to view her files and stats, and whatever else about her domain, but that’s it. How can I set her up with a log-in and password to view these things?

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What about some kind of setup with uber-uploader to get around the 7MB limit?

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Stats is in a web-accessible directory, which can be password protected:

Viewing files is more tricky, as that kind of access usually includes editing privileges, though a good Users/Groups configuration can do the trick:



No wonder people confuse you with rlparker. You both have the same solution for everything. Like Robitussin.



Well, the fact we both suggest the same thing for dealing with PHP’s default max_upload_filesize is not surprising … that’s a good fix.

I also usually suggest filemanager scripts in place of chmod/groups/permissions dancing to deal with shared “ftp directories” … he he he .



I thought that might be a solution so I have Moodle and have created some users and “classes” but the file size limit is too small. I can’t seem to find where and how to change it and don’t know if I can.


That’s where the PHP.ini fix comes into play. I was at work and was short on time. Here’s the Wiki link:

I have Moodle, but don’t use it for file uploads. Uh, try uber-uploader.
I actually use PHPfileNavigator along with the PHP.ini fix.