Multi-page forms

I have a multi-page form with a “preview” button on the last page. Once the user preview the form, he/she should be able to use the browser’s back button to edit the information. The problem is that when the user uses the back button, the values previously input do not show up in their fields.

This only happens in IE 5, and there is no problem in IE 6, and older versions of Netscape and Mozzilla. I have not tested IE lower than version 5.

It’s up to the browser to remember the data when using the its back button. To ensure that a user can really go back and edit something, you’d have to implement the forms in CGI so that you can keep the data in a session or perhaps pass it back and forth as hidden values - and put your own “back” button on the page.

Probably should check out Microsoft’s site - found this there:
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 174550 – Using Back Button May Not Repopulate Web Page Form

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Thank you, Atropos7. I think I will try putting in my own “go back” button.