Multi-domains with separating hosting space?


I can not make sure that ur company provde muti-domains with seperating space on a single plan? thx in advance

Ken Zhao


the hell?
I"m not sure what you’re trying to say


[quote]I can not make sure that ur company provde muti-domains with seperating space on a single plan?


If I’m understanding your correctly, yes. With your plan here at dreamhost you can host many domains. Each domain or sub-domain is entirley sperate from eachother. You get seperate directores for each domain, and you can choose for each one php 4 or php5.

Does that answer your question.

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thx for matttail’s reply, yes. ur are right, every domain has own directory, we can browse these sites with different contents. :slight_smile:

Ken Zhao


I’d like to find out how I should go about hosting multiple domains under one account. I just signed up about an hour ago and my account is pending approval.

  1. I signed up, gave my credit card details and I’m in the control panel now.
  2. I went to the “Domains” tab and went to “Manage Domains”. Since I only signed up one domain, there’s one entry there right now. Under that entry, “Web hosting” is listed as “none”. I clicked on the “Add Now” link beside the “none” and was brought to the sign-up page again. The impression that I got was that I need to sign up for a hosting package again.
  3. I doubt this is true and maybe I get that 'cos my account is still pending approval. However, I’m wondering when I add more domain names, can I use those domain names under the SAME package that I subscribed to? I.E. under the same package, can I host X domain names, all with their own discrete web directories. And I get charged only for the domain hame hosting. From the reviews all around, I gather that I can. But I just can’t see it yet from the little I know of the control panel right now.

Mucho gracia for any answers!


This is probably because your account is still pending approval. After approval, the ‘none’ should change to ‘fully’

Yes you can. You can add your existing domains in the panel section Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain /Sub Domain, but I suspect that you can only do this after your account is approved and fully operational.


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Well, will just have to wait for the account to be activated then. It’s been almost 12 hours and no activation yet. For a company who’s trying to go the self-service route, it’s surprising why they’d take so long to do this. I would figure that it’s a completely automated thing. Oh well, I guess trying to procure an account using a credit card issued in a country with one of the highest fraud rates in the world (ie Malaysia) does have its disadvantages. Let’s hope this thing clears up quick.



You can allways put a message into support thorugh the panel, and ask then what the status is.

The process is automated, enless it gets flaged for human review. They have a lot of faked and fradulent signups, so unfortunatly sometimes it takes a while to get approved.



[Update] Account was activated 15 hours post-registration. Done within their claimed limit of 24 hours so all is good. Continuing my setup now.


I think this answered my question, but just to be sure… what about transferred domains? I have a domain with DH and one with another host, but neither is coming close to the allotted bandwidth, so I’d love to consolidate them and save on hosting fees. Can I bring that domain to DH and host it under my current plan? And is there any kind of charge for transferring an existing domain?


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You can host as many domains as you want.

Just add the domain through the control panel, then change the domain’s nameservers to, and

It doesn’t matter where it’s currently hosted or registered–and you don’t have to move the domain registration here. Just log in to your registrar’s control panel and change the nameservers.

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Wow. That’s almost TOO easy! laugh

What about databases and such? The site I’m moving is done in Mambo, so it’s a big ol’ SQL database. When I point everything to DH’s servers, do the files and databases I already have uploaded go with it? Or do I need to make a backup before I move and re-upload when the DNS info at DH is done propagating?

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You’ll have to upload everything to your Dreamhost account and move your database.

You’d have to install Mambo, or you can do the one-click install of Joomla.

It’s best to get your site up and running here, before changing the nameservers, as explained here:

As far as moving the site and database, I believe everything you could need to know has been covered here:

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Okay, after a couple months of procrastinating, I’m giving this deal a shot. Here’s what I’ve done so far, does it sound right?

-Added the domain to my account.
-Added ‘’ subdomain to my account.
-Set as a mirror for the subdomain.

I’ve followed the wiki links, I assume now I just wait for the subdomain to let me in so I can upload my files to that? And what do I do with the Mambo install?

have you met tony?