Multi-Domain Renewal

Maybe I’m missing something, but I have to do the following to renew EACH domain. (I have 8 I want to renew now.)

  1. Click ‘Renew’
  2. Click ‘Ok’ on the ‘This cannot be undone’ (even though there is a cancel button on the next page…)
  3. Enter Payment info (Which I have to re-enter each time)
  4. Click ‘Charge this card’.
  5. Resort the list by expire date. (Careful not to select the one you just renewed, because it probably hasn’t updated yet.)

I would REALLY be helpful if we could check a box on all the domains we want to renew. (i.e. Select the renew length, and check a box, then click a single renew button and pay for them ALL at once.) Or even a cart system so I don’t have to enter my card info 8 times.

This is silly, I only have 30 domains, so several need to be renewed each year. I can’t imagine what a pain this would be for someone who manages 100’s.


I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.
I completely understand why a feature like this would be useful! With so many DH customers that manage multiple domains, this can come in quite handy.
I’ll forward this to our development team and see if there is anything we can do about it :slight_smile:
In the mean time, the best “work around” I can see to this problem is to set up your domains to auto renew.
I know it’s not the most pleasant way to work around this, but it does work.
Lets hope our dev team can do something about it!
Let me know if you have any other suggestions or questions.

Justin H
DreamHost Staff

For what it’s worth, you can kind of work around this at the moment by first making a payment that’ll cover all of your domain renewals (under Billing > Make Payment). Once you’ve done this, the account credit will be used for the renewals.

This is hardly ideal, and we know it, but it is still easier than making a payment for each renewal.

I realize I posted this 6 months ago, but it is still a problem, and nothing has been done yet. Is this being fixed?

The way the current system is set up makes it very easy to make a mistake, despite the 2 layers of confirmation. (preventing mistakes was one of the reasons Support gave me for this existing system) Even with prepayment the process is:

  1. Prepay
  2. Click “Registrations”
  3. Click Renew on one of the domains.
  4. Click “Ok” to the “Cannot undo warning”
  5. Confirm AGAIN (for some reason)
  • At this point you are returned to the “Registrations” page, but there is no indication which domains have pending renewals, it takes ~15 minutes to update.

At a minimum dreamhost should:

  1. Add a “renewal pending” notice to the Registrations list. (so you don’t accidentally double up renewals).
  2. Get rid of the “this action cannot be undone” (put that warning on the payment confirmation page.

This falls in line with the other idea about a “domain shopping cart.” Instead of having to buy or renew domains one by one, you can just add them to the cart and purchase/renew multiple domains at a time.

This is a feature I’d love to see.

If you really wanted to be fancy, the cart could extend to other options such as secure hosting, certificates, etc. :slight_smile:

This is STILL not fixed. What a drag.

Over one year later and still nothing has changed. The remains the most frustrating things about using DreamHost as a domain registrar (for me atleast).

I realize a complete revamp of that system would take time, but you have a problem that must cause people to spend money they didn’t intend to spend. Is this is why you haven’t changed it?

+1 for this feature. Please.

Count me in here please. I think this issue has just been overlooked.

Almost 2 years now.

  • The page still has the are you sure Pop-up. (Why pop-up a message if you ask on the very next page if they are sure!?)
  • The registrations list STILL doesn’t tell you have a pending renewal. (Could leads to multiple renewals on the same domain, and I still have to wait 15/20 minutes to verify I got them all.)

I kind of understand why you don’t want to change that page.

  • People over renewing leads to more revenue.
  • People having to pre-charge there account leads to interest growth in DH accounts.
  • Encourages people to use Auto-Renew leading to more revenue.

All makes sense, but the page is very tedious to use…

I wanted to add my vote for being able to easily renew multiple domains, rather than having to do it one at a time. It could be something like checking boxes and adding to the cart.

Thanks for considering it!

+1 !!! (and filling out the 20 characters…)

From the number of replies here this is clearly a problem for many users.

I’d like to suggest an alternative, complimentary solution: Have a single, automatic renewal date for all domains in your account. On that date, renew all domains that have less than a year to go until their expiry date. The date could be the same date that your hosting plan renews.

So, not only has Dreamhost not added a multi-domain renewal feature in the SIX YEARS since this feature was requested, they’ve raised the price for domain renewal; it’s now $15.99. So, they’re increasing the price of renewal significantly, but have added zero value to the service. Not impressed, Dreamhost. Not impressed.