Multi-Domain Account


I have a code monster account and I have 10 sites I want to upload. I already own the domain names and have them pointed to my dreamhost account. I was wondering how I set up my hosting so it know which site goes to which.


I have and and I have them in seperate folders on my computer, how do I let the server know which index file to pull from for each home page and how to arrange the folders on the server. I don’t think I set each one to seperate DNS’s or maybe I do???

Thanks for your time

You need to “add” the domains to your dreamhost account. (Different than registering which you have already done).

Once added each one will be a seperate subdirectory on the file server for example in ftp: / / etc. Upload the files to the appropriate sub directory. Then when you browse with your favorite web browser you will see the files you uploaded to /


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I set up the account a while ago and couldn’t remember if i added them through the control panel or did them manually. Now that I remember I did them through the control panel. Thanks for the help!