Multi-box webmail client?

There had been discussion of adding support for MailPile once it gets out of beta, but it looks like that project might be dying.

How about adding support for RainLoop or some other Webmail client that allows checking multiple mail boxes without having to separately sign into each one?

Note that I don’t have any specific preference for RainLoop per se. I just know it is a Webmail client that seems to have the feature I’m looking for.

From the MailPile docs, it appears to be designed to run on your personal computer and uses POP/IMAP/SMTP. So can’t one use it today with any standard email service (including DH’s)?

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When I looked at MailPile in the past, it seemed to be more focused on being a hosted, we-based mail client, and I was referring to it in that regard. It is apparently not ready to be used that way and might never be, so that’s why I’m now asking about other options like RainLoop, etc.

From RainLoop’s docs, it appears to be a low-resource PHP web-mail client. It could probably be installed on a DH web-host (maybe even Shared-Hosting), with the downside of having to support and maintain it oneself.

Of course, I realize you’re interested in having DH provide RainLoop (or other web-mail clients) as a service in addition to or replacing their current web-mail.

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